Ricksycle Updated FAQ for 2010:

I've been riding the Ricksycle for 3 years and I figure it is about time to update this FAQ with the new information that I've learned.

I get about 2 emails a month from people asking questions for clarification about the FAQ section of this site. I look forward to answering those questions; I'd rather people ask than go away confused or not understand what they are purchasing.

  • Does the Ricksycle still make you giddy when you ride it?
    YES! It is a strange/good feeling when you pull out of the driveway and people wave and say "Hello" to you. They don't talk to you when you're riding a bicycle.

    And when you get a new rider, you both still giggle! It's like watching the other person realize one of those profound moments of life.
  • How do you spell Rickscycle/Rickscyle/Rickcycle?
    The creator of the machine is named Rick. Here is his official response:
    "The actual spelling of Ricksycle is that. RICKSYCLE. The Ricksycle is named after the Ricks haw. So you see, we used the 's' from Rickshaw. The logo on your bike actually is an 's'; even though it looks like a 'C'. So if people ask make sure to tell them that it is rickSycle.com." Rick.
  • Can the Ricksycle be pedaled by one person?
    Absolutely! It is no problem to pedal by yourself. In fact, after riding with someone for a while and then riding by yourself, you'll realize how much effort "they weren't" putting in!

    I go to the grocery store, throw things in the basket (or trailer if I'm getting lots of items,) and ride back home. It pulls really well with only one person pedaling.
  • Does the Ricksycle have 14 or 28 gears/speeds?
    To answer this question, it depends on how you look at bicycle gears. A typical bicycle usually has one drive wheel upon which a rider exerts force. The trike has two drive wheels, one for each person. Each drive wheel has 14 speeds. I guess you can say that each trike with two drive wheels have 28 speeds or when you add on two more drive wheels for a four person capacity you then have 56 speeds, but all 28/56 gears are not available to each rider. Therefore, I say that the Ricksycle is a 14 speed cycle.
  • There is a website out there saying that a Ricksycle can be purchased for $1700. Is this correct?
    Well yes... but be sure you are getting the Ricksycle you expect. If you have run across this website, it is selling Ricksycles with ONLY ONE SET OF PEDALS. To this day, everyone I have spoken to wants two sets of pedals; a set for each rider. Be sure that when you order your Ricksycle, you get your proper set of rider pedals.