Serena and I are again riding across Iowa with 23,000+ other people. It's called Ragbrai and you can learn more about it here:

Last year, I tried to stream my way across Iowa and it just didn't work exactly right... This year, there's been a few companies pop up on the web dedicated to streaming live media from cell phones. That's what I'm going to try this year. My broadcast times will be limited due to cell phone coverage, willingness to deal with the camera, and power requirements. Serena wants to run her medical journals and music through the speaker all week long so that will consume more power than the camera and Internet connection. On my Video Stream page, you can leave that window open and it will refresh every 5 minutes to see if my stream is online. Here is also the official link to the website that will host my stream but here you have to actually click the refresh button yourself:

They have a website where you can watch the stream on your web enabled phone:

The Des Moines Register website has a great Google map of the RAGBRAI 2008 route at:

Although I don't know exactly where and when we'll be, I estimate that streaming should be available:
  • 7/20/2008 Sunday - 6am to 3pm

  • 7/21/2008 Monday - 11am to 2pm

  • 7/22/2008 Tuesday - 3pm to dusk (If the GPS is reporting our location and the video stream is black, that means we're out after dark.)

  • 7/23/2008 Wednesday - 6am to 2pm

  • 7/24/2008 Thursday - 3pm to dusk

  • 7/25/2008 Friday - 6am to 10am

  • 7/26/2008 Saturday - 11am to end of ride

Below here is my Follow Me page. You can see when I was last on-line. (For each Follow Me line, there is a URL. I don't suggest that you click on it.) If you have, or want to sign up for, a account, you can have my Follow Me update text messages sent to your phone every time streaming comes on-line. To sign up to follow me, click on this URL:
and then click the Follow Me button. To actually get updates to your phone, you'll have to setup your phone in Devices under Settings. THEN, your have to turn on Device Updates specifically for me.

Hope this works!