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Up the mountain in Heidelberg

First thing to do today is get money from an ATM... again. This time the ATM qualified the currency being selected. However, it still did not provide a receipt. I withdrew 100 Euros and it looks like $143.21 was pulled from my account. These numbers match up within reason.

On to the Heidelburg castle! It's a castle... It use to have a moat, some towers, a metal spike door lowered from the enterance way, etc. Everything that you would think a castle would have.

Next was up the mountain via a cable-car trolly. Kenny took the kids and they climb the 7k path to the top. After sitting at the top for about 45 minutes, we were getting pretty mad that they would waste 2+ hours climbing the mountain AND that the kids were going to be too tired to handle the rest of the day! Just about that time, they showed up! They weren't tired. They weren't even wishing they had ridden the trolley! They got there MUCH faster than we had expected!

So after lunch when it was time to go down the mountain, Kenny and Havah took off walking down the mountain this time. The rest of us took the trolley. We had just gotten on the trolley when we received a text message that they were waiting for us at the bottom. Wow! 30 minutes to go all the way down! I'm kind of wishing that I had gone with them.

The last thing for the day was shopping.

While they shopped, I followed along looking for an unsecure WiFi Internet connection so I could check my mail or servers. Sometimes I got a connection; most of the times not but it was a good way to pass the time while Serena "wasted hers."

For dinner, we ordered out from a bar across the street from Mrs. Rosemary's. When we went to pick it up, they told us that they didn't have anything to carry out the soup in. So they offerred us a nice big bowl & saucer and asked us to return it when finished! Of course, we did.

All day long we've been discussing driving to Prague, Czech Republic. Problem is, we were hearing stories that it take 12 hours to get there. The roads are typically out or under construction. The line at the border requires a long wait. And, we don't have any crowns. So I began researching travel times/events. The best I got was this article:

To sum up, the highway may have construction, we have to purchase a highway pass for 220 crowns (~$12 USD,) you have to drive with your lights on, traffic and parking in Prague is horrible, parking in the wrong place will get your car booted or towed, and everyone in the car has to have their seatbelt on. So we decided to try for Prague.

Around 9:15 pm, we headed out of Heidelberg and toward Prague. Ashley was really worried about arriving in Prague at 3am; trying to find a hotel, get cash, etc. I didn't think it was a big deal but instead just part of the adventure. But, we gave in and stopped a Amberg for the night. We went through 3 motels who didn't want to rent us a room. One of them said they had rooms for us but rejected us on some stupid statement about "children." As we were about to give up and leave town, I saw a big high-rise hotel called the Tulip Inn Hotel. They were more than happy to provide two rooms for us at about 200 Euros.