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Getting to Munich to catch up with Serena's Brother's family

We were suppose to get up at 6:30 and drive to the Munich airport to pick up Serena's brother & family by 11 am; but of course, we didn't... We got up, packed, and left S&M's place around 10:30 am. And drove pretty much most of the day for what was suppose to be only 4 hours! First, we got lost in little towns looking for breakfast. Then, got sleepy and pulled over for naps. 3 of them. Each lasting 20 minutes before I drove another 20 miles and falling a sleep again. The last time, I woke Serena up and told her to drive! So, by this time in the trip, Serena has done 90% of the driving in Germany and I'm coming to the realization that this will be a tour of Germany from behind the wheel...

When we got to Munich, we found the place we were staying the night, Christian's apartment. We rang the bell. We sent texts to Kenny, Serena's brother. Nothing seemed to ever happen. We figured that they were out looking at the city so we went to a local restaurant to eat and wait on them. Once Christian got home, we found that Kenny and them were just dead asleep so they didn't respond to the phone or the door bell!

With Serena watching the kids, I went out with them for a "second" dinner at a Tapas place. I'm not a big fan of Tapas but this place was pretty neat. It's kind of like a buffet. You browse your choices, select them by number, and the waitress brings you a serving for 6.95 Euros. Easy to know what you are getting.

In the restaurant bathrooms, I've noticed that urinals have been installed on wall where men once would urinate. When I was in Europe before, I remember going on the walls of the bathroom with a canal on the floor to the drain. Everyonce in a while water would wash the wall down. As I said, they now have urinals on the wall but the canal and drain is still in the bathroom. Sometimes, they don't even put the urinal pipes behind the wall!

EVERYONE here rides their bike as the major form of transportation. Bikes are EVERYWHERE. Every street has a bike lane. It's kind of like how Serena described Amsterdam to me. On Christian's street alone, there is probably 200 bikes; most are barely locked to anything. I think that if we rode our trike around any of these cities, we'd still be called "Wasteful American" as we'd take up so much of their bike path.

Also, most everyone's bike is set to the incorrect height for pedalling. You'd think that people who live on their bike daily would set the seat appropriately to be efficient. Nope... Not here!