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Dachau Concentration Camp north of Munich

Ashley and the kids hoped a plane home. Serena and I decided to stay another day... Maybe two. So we went to Dachau, a concentration camp just outside of Munich. I really don't know how to describe what I felt as I walked through the bunk houses, courtyard, camp fencing, gas chambers, crematorium, graves, etc. I only took these two pictures or the whole camp.

Christian decided to liven us up so he took us to the city of Starnberg at the north end of Starnberger See near his parents house. We bought some baked fish, prezels, and ate them overlooking the sailboats going by on the lake.

For dinner, he took us to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner and drinks. There was a band but people were singing their own songs. Pounding on the tables. And generally just acting up. This is Sunday night; the place wasn't packed, so I assume that this wasn't a rowdy night.

I have noticed that the majority of German women are very pretty. However, their body has no definition. They don't have the hour-glass shape. Instead, they are more like a guy in that their chest is the some size as their waist is the same size as their hips. Maybe it's all the big beers they drink...

Tomorrow, we're going to try to find an Internet connection early. Get some work done, go to the Museam, and head toward Berlin.