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Getting on the plane is never easy for me

As normal, before any trip... A server went down. As is typically what I do in this situation, I performed maintenance on a server thinking it would make it more stable. Of course I found problems; of course I tried to fix them; of course everything just cratered! I was up all Friday night trying to initialize the bad hard in the server. When that didn't work, I decided that I'd go to CoLo during the 4 hour wait we had between signing in for the flight and getting on the plane. It took 2 1/2 hours to replace the hardware and start a restore. I got back to the gate with 45 minutes to spare. I got on the plane not knowing whether the restore completed/worked or not.

The server is now more unstable than before. I should have just restarted it and got on the plane last night.

One of our friends, Stephanie who works for American Airlines, offerred us a Standby Flight ticket. It was 1/3 the cost of the original retail ticket! She said that there would be little chance we'd be bumped on this particular flight. We were getting kind of scared when everyone had already boarded and we still hadn't been called. Since we're in Germany as of this writing, I guess it's needless to say... We got on the plane!