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A wasted day looking for an Internet connection

Got up at 8:30, left Christian's place to look for an Internet connection so I could do some work for AHA before they came into the office today. Christian said to go to the Internet Cafe but Internet Cafes in Germany requires you to use their computer connected to their Ethernet network. We bring our own computer and just want a WiFi connection. So I drove around Munich for 1 1/2 hours looking for a WiFi connection. What a bust! I got lost. I put the wrong destination into the GPS and ended up at Christian's office instead of his apartment. I put another wrong destination in and it was trying to take me the hotel from Thursday night! Finally back to the apartment and found an Internet connection right there in the parking lot! Now I don't have time to do what I need AND go to the museum with Kenny & Serena.

I wrote some emails and now I'm chosing to go to the Munich Science and Technology Museum. The museum features nautical tools, ships, airplanes, and some space satelites. There is A LOT there. More than 4 hours worth, but that's all we were staying there for. We also went up to their "Internet Cafe" to have lunch and get on the Internet. After climbing all those stairs, they tell is "The Internet is kaput!"

Then on to shopping. Kenny got himself some new shoes. I looked at some of those Germany outfits, I think their called lederhosen. They would have been fun for Oktoberfest parties but at $300, it just wasn't worth it for once a year. So I passed.

I finally figure out why we're in Germany; it is because Kenny has a conference to attend in Munich. Christian was Kenny's college roommate and he now lives here in Munich. Therefore, Kenny and his family could stay with Christian at his Munich apartment and see the German Countryside. Serena and I are just exended "the family" and we also brought along the big bus for everyone to ride in. I feel so dense at taking so long to connect the dots!

Now it is time for Kenny to go to his conference to get his registration papers. This is where we are parting for the week but first, I we have to get money and a bottle of wine to Christian via Kenny. Christian covered for Serena with cash on her purchase of boots the other day because the store didn't accept foreign cards. We haven't paid him back yet so I go find an ATM. You would think a conference center would have an ATM. NOooo... I have to go all the way to a nearby mall to find an ATM. I end up running the whole way there and back for about 25 minutes. When I do get back, Kenny has left and now we've got the wine and all this Euro cash to get rid of in 1 day! Another failure for the day.

The only success was when we hopped on the conference WiFi Internet setup to get our Internet "daily fix." I also downloaded a lot of podcasts to Serena's iPhone because my Bluetooth headset and speaker, both, died on this trip so I have no way of listening to the podcasts on my phone. Listening to podcasts while driving keeps me awake. I also realized that today was Labor Day in the States. I could complete my work for AHA and they still think I was on schedule and paying attention to them.

About three hours later, we leave the convention center and head toward Berlin. For dinner, we tried to let the GPS choose a restaurant. Other than the restaurant was way out of the way and the restaurant was permantly closed, I guess it made a good choice! We ended up at some Itialian Resturant recommended by a local. Service was good; food was bad.

I made it driving all the way to Berlin and arrived around 3:30 am. I found a parking spot in a residential community, jumped into the backseat, and went to sleep.