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Parking is still an issue

We get our first parking ticket today... while parked in the hotel parking lot! or so it looks like. No body at the Tulip Inn bothered to tell us that the parking lot 20 feet from their door is city owned. Plus, I never saw a meter anywhere for the two days we've parked there.

Germany has a lot of cameras on the Autobahn. I swear, it has taken our picture at least 2 times and I don't know why; we weren't speeding nor even going an unreasonable speed by their measure.

Oh well... I'll just cancel my credit card when I get back so they can't transfer the costs from Avis to me. If the Germans want to come get me from the States, I'll justify it as another trip on their dime! Anyone want to come with me?

Today was suppose to be a 1 1/2 hour trip to Munich to pick up Christian. Instead, we got lost. Then we ran into construction. All of which pushed us an added 1 1/2 hours behind schedule. I'm not sure but I think the GPS was the biggest offender here as it routed us to some highway other than E50.

With Christian in the car, we headed out of town and up the mountains for a pretty uneventful trip to the Walchensee Lake Gondola. This mountain is a winter time ski resort and a summer time look out station. It was a short hike from the Gondla to the mountain top restaurant where we snacked before heading back down.

Christian was nice enough to take us to a restaurant/bar that had WiFi so that Serena could get her messages. Unfortunately, this is the first WiFi hot spot that I've ever seen that was restricted to only ports to 23 and 80. Thus, I wasn't able to access my computers nor check on an problem at AHA, Serena wasn't able to use Skype to call the States, so all I did was read Facebook and a couple of blogs. To add to the frustration, we got another ticket! sitting in an unclear parking zone outside the restaurant. A parking ticket here is only like $8 USD.

The evening was spent at Christian's house just talking. Ashley coined the term "Responsible Authority" as the Germany government uses it to describe themselves. Let's see if I can remember the sentence I saw, "Smoking is not allowed as is identified by the Responsible Authority." Responsible Authority jokes consumed over an hours worth of our conversation...