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A German amusement park - Legoland

This morning, everyone jumped up (late,) got in the car and headed to Heidelberg. On the way, we decided to stop at Legoland. This was a choice made by Havah (Serena's neice) as the kids had an assignment to pick a place to visit while in Germany. We all thought that Lego land would be a short 1 hour stop. It ended up being a full blown amusement park which sucked 4 hours out of our day! I did enjoy it. The lines were short and the rides were even shorter but we still had fun.

As we're leaving Legoland, Ashley, Serena's Sister-in-law, is wresling with the notion that this tour of Germany will be done from behind the wheel! All of us have done the backpacking through Europe thing and "kind-of" expected to tour Germany to be more in-tune with the "natives." Unfortunately, that is not the case on this trip. It's a quick German-wind tour of the cities we can get to in a week.

As 5 pm rolled around, we headed on to Heidelberg. Ashley had secured a place to stay for the night with an old friend of hers that we called Mrs. Rosemary. Mrs. Rosemary lives right off the river so it was an easy walk to the restaurants, bars, shopping, and the city's big attraction, "the castle."

Mrs. Rosemary's apartment, Christian's apartment, the house S&M lives in, and quite a few buildings we've been in have all look brand spank'n new. The outsides aren't so great but the insides have new floors, painted walls, new baseboards, etc. And these heavy plastic front doors seem to be all the rage. I'm curious if this country recently went through some kind of manditory apartment upgrade?

Around 10 pm, we left the kids with Mrs. Rosemary and headed downtown to see what was going on. Everything was mostly closed so the trip ended up being a scouting trip for tomorrow's adventures.